Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Potty Training - Day #1

Our babysitter decided to throw on training pants today and see how it went.  The quote of the day, coming from Emma as pee-pee was running down her leg, "Oh no!  It's spilling!"  She is SO FUNNY (one of her favorite phrases)!
I have to admit that I'm sort of lazily going along with potty-training but not really 100% in it.  I just haven't found that diapers are THAT least compared to soaked clothes, poop on the floor and cleaning poop and pee out of a toddler potty.  Seems like diapers are WAY easier.  Yup, that's me.  I'm the lazy mom who isn't concerned about potty training, but appreciates her efforts (and theirs too).  I want them to be potty trained before they are four, OK, probably by three if at all possible, but that is months away, so I have just passively talked to them and tried putting them on the potty at times.  Anyway, I hope that it works out well and they are proud of their accomplishments because I will be too!
She took some pictures on her camera, which was great because I didn't even get mine out this afternoon.
Since they were in potty-training mode, there were no diapers and no shorts in order to keep the consequences of the inevitable accidents to a minimum.  It looks really odd to me to see them in big kid (HUGE) training pants/underwear!  My babies are growing up quickly!

While the sitter was busy tending to two girls on the potty, Clark found that he can now reach and operate the water dispenser on the fridge and it was too cool.  The girls even got in on the fun and it seems like everyone was laughing.  I was going to share the video clip, but Blogger won't let it upload.  Ugh!  I'll have to work on it later.

Oh, and Kendall's mustache is a sour cream one that occurred during leftover taco night where Mommy made taco salads (with tortilla chips because we ran out of taco shells) and soft tacos.  They weren't quite as popular as the original Taco Night crunchy tacos, but it was still fun.

We also have a special visitor here with us for a few days.  Aunt Tami (AKA Aunt Lolly) is taking a little vacation time and visiting with us.  She and I hope to get in some outdoor photography practice with our cameras at some point and I'm also hopeful that we can get the kids out and about this weekend.

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