Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What do YOU call them?

It happened again and I didn't know what to say.  Tonight I had to give all three a bath at the same time and Kendall was interested in Clark's ummm...you know.  And Troy and I have had a hard time deciding what to call "the parts."  Since we have a mixed bag of two girls and a boy and they are the same age, it's sort of inevitable that they will have moments of curiosity and will have questions.  We've heard arguments about using the correct terminology for various reasons and then we have heard from families that use the "cuter" terms.  I used the correct term and explained to Kendall that Clark has what he has and that it is his and she needs to leave it alone.  That's all that happened with it and we moved on, which was nice.  I was afraid Daddy would get home and she'd tell him "Clark has a penis!" and he might have a coronary.
I'm just curious what "you", my readers, have taught your toddlers about body parts and maybe a "why" here or there, but no lectures please.  I'm just looking for friendly ideas.
Nanny Barb has been with us for a couple of weeks after a very long time away but she has been taking the kids to her house for a change of scenery.  She was able to get a few really cute shots today and I wanted to share those in my post.  She will be leaving us again after this week and we will miss her SO much.  We are so grateful to her as are all of the families who have been touched by her special gift for taking care of and loving our multiples...our babies. 


Anna said...

Correct names. :)

Although, Morgan and Meagan still mispronounce and it comes out as "Pa-china."

They know vulva and apparently their school taught buttocks when they were teaching a little anatomy lesson. We just always said bottom or bum.

They also know that boys and Daddies have a penis, and it's different from their parts, and that everything that panties cover is considered private.

I haven't worried about breasts, yet.

Triomom said...

Haha! I actually laughed out loud when I read this. Megan has noticed that Will has an additional body part during bath time also. I redirect her attention very casually and that has worked. Although I'm wondering how to address this as they get older (they're two next month so I'm sure it's soon). I'll probably use the correct terms also. I'll be interested to see what works for you guys. :)

Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

Addison noticed that Parker has a "mushroom on his ninny" the very first time she saw him naked. I about died when she said that!

We've always used non-proper names, but I think we (I) will start referring to them by their proper names now that Ad's is in school.