Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have you heard? It's Shark Week!

In honor of Shark Week (Discovery Channel):

I hope Auntie Deb doesn't mind if I share this, but I'm laughing so hard that I just don't want to wait to ask her!

Message from Auntie Deb to me today:
"I wanted to tell you this earlier, but since I just read your post about "discipline" this fit perfectly.  During one of Emma's fits (Oops-I mean unnamed upset child) I was holding her and it sounded like she said "do you want a spanking?"  I told her I didn't.  During another meltdown by the same unnamed child, I picked up her doll and asked   "I wonder why Emma is so upset?  Do you think she's mad about something or she doesn't feel good?"  After noticing that I was talking to the dolly, she came over and took the doll and looked at me like I was crazy.  But she did stop crying.  I tried REALLY hard not to laugh-but it was REALLY hard.  :)"

Who me????
It almost looks like her curls are gone, but I think it was the humidity.
Clark mastering the Barrel of Monkeys.

We finally took the kids for a FAMILY bike ride this afternoon!  I actually got on my own bike and had Emma in the trailer behind me.  Troy pulled Kendall and Clark.  I'm the biggest whimp and completely out of shape, so he was trying to give me a little extra help to handle exerting unusual amounts of energy.  We went from our house to a nearby portion of the area Greenway.  We took a break at the park for some slide and swing-time and then headed back home, but not without a lot of protest.  Kendall and Clark were silenced quickly by promises of raisins, but Emma was not taking the bait.  She continued to have a fit while I started to ride back and finally started enjoying herself enough to ask me to help her get the raisins. 
Hearing her yelling "weeeeeeee" behind me as we went rushing down the hills with the wind in our hair was SO much fun.  Troy is really enjoying the bike rides as well (and has taken some evening ones after the kids are down) and we hope to make this a regular family outing.  I do think I'm going to need to take bike rides on my own to build up my endurance/strength to be able to tow the kids behind me without the desire to throw up.  I think that the fact that they love it so much will be enough inspiration for me to try to get in shape for the family rides.

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