Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pictures? What pictures?

I worked all day today and didn't manage to take any pictures of the kids once I made it home.  Instead, I went through some pictures from a week ago and found these.  They aren't the best in terms of any technical aspects, but I still like to see the expressions on the munchkins' faces. 
All three love to go "flying" after baths.  The hooded towels work best for this, but any towel will do.  They run laps in the hallway and in and out of the bedrooms squealing.  It's pretty cute until you decide that they have had enough and it is time to get dressed.  We usually get some protests at that point, but I'm learning new tricks (they love playing with Mommy's watch or being folded almost in half to touch their toes to their foreheads). 
I don't really know what Kendall was into when I took the one of her, but her expression is sort of interesting.  I love the intense look in her eyes.
And Clark is always happy to play with his cool trains.  The girls are big fans of the train box also, but he seems to be able to sit still when the trains are out.  He gets really focused and even tries to put pieces of the tracks together. 
That's all for tonight. 

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