Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Return to K-town

Troy and I decided that Emma needed a visit to a Kentucky park before we drove all the way back to Knoxville and we found the perfect one, Jacobsen Park (spelling?).  It was great with a large play area, lake, lots of ducks and geese to feed and a lot of room to run.  She had a good time and we were even able to take time out to feed the ducks before we got back on the road.  And Daddy was nice enough to take control of the camera so that I was in a picture or two with Ems. 
We picked up our missing links, Kendall and Clark, this afternoon just after naptime and we were SO happy to see them again.  Unfortunately, Emma was not as thrilled at that point since she missed her nap during the trip home.  We dealt with some major meltdowns during the drive home and the unpacking, but they are all sleeping quietly in their own beds now.  Things are back to the way they should be in our house and I hope that everyone is feeling rested in the morning.  And since it was so hectic once we got home, I didn't manage to get out my camera for any shots with my sweet K and C this evening, but I promise to get some tomorrow!
Emma "quacking" at the duck.  

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