Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun with the Fam!

We had a fun outing today at the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge.  The kids seemed to really enjoy many of the exhibits including the kid-sized doll house, train exhibit and the space ship room.  I have to say that I think their favorite place was the empty gym though.  They did a lot of running around in there and Daddy gave them rides on his shoulders which got lots of squeals and giggles.
He took a few pictures on the point-and-shoot.

While I was busy trying to get shots on my camera.  Both of us were also trying to keep tabs on the kids and have fun with them, so there was a lot of multi-tasking going on!

When we got home, we had lunch in the garage and then popsicles were a must because it was so hot!  It looks like Kendall might be experiencing "brain freeze".

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