Monday, August 2, 2010

Visit to a New Park

We tried out a "new" park today.  Nanny Barb suggested it months ago and I forgot about it.  Today I called her to find out where it is and we decided to check it out after a trip to Earth Fare for all things produce.  The kids seemed to enjoy it and the girls and I even took a little trip around the perimeter that is paved for walking/running.  It's a very small area, so I could keep an eye on them and even let them run on their own for a little while.  It was fun to see how proud Emma was to be jogging it alone. 

And then MORE EXCITEMENT when I had them in the backyard for all of five minutes (and took the two shots of Clark above) after dinner.  I thought we'd get in some outside playtime but Emma decided to drink from a cup of gross sand table water (that could have had any number of bugs in it, as well as mud, rainwater and sludge).  Once I noticed what she was doing, I went to get her cleaned up and tried to wash out her mouth.  In the meantime, the other two headed for the pile of yard waste (see picture of Clark poking at it with a stick as I shouted to get away from it).  They proceeded to dump grass clippings on each other and were covered in itchy grass and dirt, so we all headed inside for an early bath. 
Good times! 

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