Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lots of fun in Oak Ridge

We are officially fans of the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge (  It gives them a great opportunity to run around, pick up and play with lots of cool things and be around other kids.  Miss Pam and Auntie Karen went with us so we were able to be assigned to just one child at a time.  It can get really challenging trying to keep an eye on them because they always want to go in different directions.  Clark just wants to run anywhere he can get the space.  Emma could stay in the big "dollhouse" all day and Kendall will usually go wherever the adults are headed.  All three of them really enjoyed the gym again and this time they had a bunch of beach balls in there which gave the kids something to kick and throw. 
Once we left the museum, it was lunchtime and we found a nearby park, but decided to sit in the car since they were happy watching a DVD about letters.  They ate VERY well after burning off so much energy and then we jumped out and headed for the big play area with swings, a huge play structure and lots of sand.  This last tidbit is important to mention since Clark loves to throw sand, grass clippings, etc up in the air and get it in his hair and clothes.  Yuck!  But he has a great time, so who am I to argue with that, right?

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