Saturday, August 21, 2010

Potty Training: Part Deux

Daddy tried a little potty training exercise just before naps (and a diaper change) to see if the kids would use the potty. They got a Smartie just for cooperating and sitting on the potty to try. Smarties are a big hit in our house.
No #1 or #2 in the potty, but they were not showing a desire to go running and screaming from it, so that's a plus. We'll keep plugging away without being pushy. I think we'll try a potty training DVD after naps today (Elmo is always a good choice).
Have a great Saturday!

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Oh, Snapp! said...

GOOD LUCK with potty training!

Did they just hit a ginormous growth spurt over the last week? I remember looking at the blog last weekend and then now...and it seems like they've grown overnight since then!