Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mashmawwos are yummy!

The kids enjoyed a jumbo marshmallow (one for each) as a dessert "treat".  It was fun to see the look on their faces as they got the first taste.  There were lots of "mmmmm's" and "yummy" to be heard from all three.
Before dinner, we were outside in the yard and Clark and Emma had lots of fun playing in the grass clippings.  I have discouraged this particular activity, but decided to take some pictures while continuing to convince them that there are much more entertaining things to be doing.  Emma didn't seem to make it into my line of fire (for the photos) very often, but Clark and Kendall were hamming it up for me.
I hate to cut this short (and in the midst of such an exciting post), but I'm pooped and ready to get to bed.  I hope you can sense the fun they were having outside and while eating the marshmallows ("mashmawwos").

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