Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I is for Ice Cream

"Auntie Kawen" and "Unc-ee Tom" treated us to dinner at Puleo's Grille tonight.  Well, not to take away from their generosity, but the kids DO eat free there right now.  But they were kind enough to spend their evening with the kids and I (Daddy was working late) and we had a good time.  The kids actually ate really well though I think Ems ate mostly french fries.  We managed to get seated in an area with televisions all around, so that sort of works to distract them and they actually seem to eat more.  This will definitely work against them when they are older, but for tonight's dinner out, it was great.  (I can confirm that all bellies were about to explode when I gave them baths later this evening!)
In order to make the most of the meal, I thought that ice cream or frozen yogurt was a good idea afterwards.  It was sort of a lame attempt to keep them occupied, have an outing and just spend some time with them where I am not distracted by all of the things I need to do around the house.  I planned to take them myself, but Aunt Karen called, so she met us at McDonald's.  The kids each had a vanilla cone of their own and it was MESSY, but yummy (just ask Clark).
Kendall was even kind enough to share with her Auntie Karen.  How sweet is that?????    Uncle Tom was nice earlier and shared his chicken sandwich and fries with her, so I guess she was just "paying it forward".

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