Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emma's Post: Ode to a Stick

My girlie girl.  She loves her Doo Doll.  She prances like a princess.  But she loves rocks and sticks.  I've noticed a number of shots that include her and a stick of some sort.  Today, she was particularly drawn to picking up various sticks in the yard and I decided to blog about it (as an extra BONUS post) and give her a place of honor. :)
Emma and the sticks.  They are fun.  They are tough.  They can be anything she wants them to be.  And they will not steal her toys, bite or hit her or eat her food.  Better yet, they will sit with her and just "be". 
Sticks rock!

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Karen said...

That is so precious. Sounds just like her. Thanks for the bonus post! :)