Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zooin' It

Mommy and the kiddos hit the zoo today with the help of Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom. It started out a little cooler than I had hoped for and a tad cloudier, but was nice and sunny midday (about the time we needed to leave). The kids wanted to walk, so we let them walk...and walk....and walk. I think they were officially pooped by the time we left. There was very little stroller-riding while we were there until right at the end.

Clark was very helpful pushing the stroller with Mommy most of the time, which works well to keep track of him too. We ran into another triplet family who came in their choo-choo wagon and Clark was ready to move right into his spot. :)

The girls really enjoyed seeing the animals, though I think the favorite amongst all of us is the River Otter exhibit. They are so animated and come right up to the window so you get a great view! They seem so playful and fun. Kendall really took to the elephants and the meerkats. Emma enjoyed the animals in general, but is able to see them and ready to move on quickly.

Sadly, our zoo just lost one of it's female chimps the other day. We did see a young chimp running around with some of the others and they were being playful. Watching monkeys is always a treat...even though we have three of our own. :)

I thought this was cute of the girls and Uncle Tom.

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Anonymous said...

Clark looks adorable on the bench. Looks like he was kickin' back ready to say "Hellooo, ladies". Love the picture with Uncle Tom and his girls. Thanks for sharing your day. - Tami