Monday, March 8, 2010

Triplet Chaos

Mommy was on her own tonight and the kids were being incredibly cooperative.  We survived bath time (barely since Emma started screaming like she had been injured).  But, when I returned to their playroom after the third bath, I found THIS (see pictures)!!!!  They made a complete disaster area out of the playroom.  Every book, toy, stuffed animal, Little People character, pretend food item, etc was on the floor.  I was not a happy camper because, well, how would we "run, run, run" before bed with all of that stuff all over the floor?  I tried singing the happy "Clean Up" song and they just watched me.  Admittedly, I was less than kind while I cleaned up the mess they created.  I continued to shout at express to them that I could use their 
help and I just kept getting those looks from them like, "Uh, busy! No time to clean, Mommy." Oh, and then Clark climbed over the wrong end of the couch and went over the side, landing on the piles of toys - cars, trains, trucks, you get the picture...hard, plastic toys.  Ouch!
After calming him down and being frustrated over the mess, I tried to get the camera out again for pictures of the kids and they wanted to climb all over me and play with the camera.  This, coupled with my lack of patience after cleaning up about 1000 things off of the floor, led me to bite their heads off explain to them that there would be no new pictures tonight because they were too close to breaking my camera. 
So, my blog followers, I cannot post sweet, cute pics of the kiddos because they did NOT cooperate with me.  Ugh!
I do want to share a few cute things:
Emma counted to 13 tonight while getting her bath.  It took me a little while to even figure out what she was saying for 11,12 and 13, but I finally realized it and had to send Daddy a text to tell him about it.
Kendall and I have this little thing where she and I snuggle with a blanket and sing "The Snuggle Bunny Song".  It's not a real song, but my version of "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Street.  She sings along with me sometimes and it's just so sweet.  Tonight, she went to get a blanket when I plopped on the couch feeling defeated.  She came over with it and shared the song with me and it really made everything all better.
Clark wanted to get in on the song and sat with us too.  He watched and listened.  Then Kendall wanted to do high-fives with her brother. 
Somehow, all of that chaos turned into some sweet moments with my babies on the couch.  Probably because I wasn't chasing them down with a camera trying to get "the perfect shot".
Thanks for the chaos sweet babies! :)

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Karen said...

Why are you always trying to make me teary??? Love you and your babies sis!