Monday, March 22, 2010

Peanut Butter as a Styling Product?????

The last picture is the reason for the title.  Kendall decided to rub peanut butter in her hair at dinner and this is the result.  I tried wiping it out but she wouldn't have it, so I had to get a picture.
The kids had lots of fun with Uncle Stevie again and he got the tutus out for the girls.  We also got their Christmas presents set up today (the baby doll swing/carrier, stroller).  Thanks to Kim M for the fun toys.  Unfortunately, they don't get it that these things are for the DOLLS and not them.  They insisted on sitting in the zebra carrier and the stroller.  And, of course, there are moments where they just can't play with ANYTHING else so there are knock down-drag outs over the stroller or swing.  Good times.

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