Saturday, March 27, 2010

Park Lovin' Freaks!

The kids love the park.  In fact, when you hear the family leaving the park with screaming kids, it's probably us.  OK, doubtful, because we try to find parks that are a little less crowded, but it just might be our kids.  We are hopeful that the return trips will cause them to realize that we really WILL COME BACK again sometime soon.  It's not just hype that Mommy and Daddy are trying to tell us so that the trip to the car will be peaceful.  We will also try to teach them that tantrums do NOT lead to return trips anytime soon, but how to you enforce that when Mother Nature's gift of beautiful weather is sort of hard to predict and losing a good day outside because of prior park tantrums is a bigger punishment to the parents???
Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom met us at the park today which allowed for Mommy to handle the camera more and with Daddy there as well, all kids were supervised (sort of ..... with all of that basketball talk going on, I'm not sure that the men were supervising as well as they would normally).  :) Kidding!  Anyway, it did give me a chance to focus on picture-taking, but also some swing-time with the Mommy and the dumplin's too.
This afternoon, we decided to try eating out and the Louis clan joined us (Grandpa, Uncle Stevie and Uncle Albert) and we ended up at Puleo's Grille.  The food was yummy and the kids did really well (aside from Clark's need to throw just about everything I handed to him on the floor).
There was still a lot of whining going on, especially by the big boy, but I was thrilled to see that I got some shots that are "Clark-all-smiles".  Sometimes I wonder if I can get any giggles on camera if they are too fussy all day. 
Even Ems was having a rough time this evening, although I'm sure that has EVERYTHING to do with her lack of desire to nap.  She is a nap-skipping-munchkin!  She loves to spend naptime talking, singing and just goofing off and always seems like she is finally knocked-out by the time we are waking them up.  I keep thinking that she will adjust, but it never seems to happen.  At least she is usually very entertained and doesn't require getting up, so I just let her have the "rest time" all on her own.  
I feel like today was Kendall's day in front of the camera.  Often one or the other seems to just be available to me for the right shot and it was her day.  I'm sure some of you might notice that she appears in more photos than the other two, so I thought I should explain (though that's just mostly "Mommy-guilt" kicking in).
All in all, it was a good day and I'm happy that I was able to get more pictures of the crew.
Happy Saturday!

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