Monday, March 1, 2010

The Untimely Death of Brown - An Obituary and Investigation

Today, we mourn the loss of our beloved Brown. He was respected and well-liked by many in the community, especially bear, dog and tree. Brown is survived by siblings, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black, Yellow and Orange as well as numerous cousins. Services will be private and the family asks that donations be made to Crayola.

An investigation into the untimely death of brown continues, but preliminary findings indicate that there is only one suspect at this time. Brown was innocently providing entertainment for multiple toddler children when, out of nowhere, he was attacked and was not able to defend himself against his attacker. Witnesses say that a white, male, approximately 33 inches tall was last seen with Brown before he was found on the ground after the attack. It appears that evidence might have been washed off of the suspect accidentally by his mother, but the investigation is ongoing. Crime scene photos are included, but are graphic.


Anonymous said...

RIP Brown. I never had the chance to meet you, but I know all of our lives will be less colorful without you. Tami

Sandi said...

We don't often think of brown as a happy color, however seeing the face of the suspect in question, I am reminded that brown may be dearly missed at Easter when the bunnies come around...perhaps white can step in this year. Give the suspect a hug from Aunt Sandi!

Sandi said...

On the other hand, that was not the suspect in the picture...can you tell it's 12:30am? xoxoxo

Karen said...

Aunt Sandi...I believe that IS the main suspect in the picture! His past is riddled with similar incidences BUT the law may not allow prior "bad acts" to be entered into evidence and there were no eye witnesses.

The Deakins said...

Kim, you are cracking me up! this is great!!! our trees will never be the same!!!! LOVE IT! Thanks for my laugh before bedtime!