Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Fuffins for dinner tonight!  That's Emma's word for muffins.  I thought it was cute and funny and that it deserved to be the title, though I have no pics of blueberry muffins.

Anyway, Grandpa came over to hang out with the kids while I handled baths.  He got a really good giggle session out of Kendall (see upside-down picure).  Clark was exceptionally cuddly with Poo Pa this evening and spent a lot of time just sitting and hanging out.
All three of them told him good-night with kisses and Clark blew kisses to Grandpa with gusto.   He mentioned that it was definitely worth staying until they went down to get those kisses.  It was SO sweet!
Emma is has a new name for Grandpa now.  She calls him Pee Pa.  So we have Poo Pa and Pee Pa. Do you see a theme here?????  Hmmmmmm.....

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Coffeybunny said...

SJ called them fuffins too! LOVE IT!!