Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lovin' Nanny Barb!

This post is dedicated to Nanny Barb because she ROCKS! Today she kept the kids happy while Mommy and Daddy worked AND she did laundry and put clean sheets on our bed! I'm normally not a fan of someone putting sheets on our bed, but I was dreading the thought of getting it done in between everything else. Imagine my surprise when I saw that she had already put those fresh, clean sheets on our bed?!?! She ALSO had the kids eating dinner when I got home around 515p. Yes, it was early, but they seem to want to eat ealier anyway and it meant that I didn't have to prepare a meal, which many of you may know gets REALLY old.
I'm sure there are very obvious reasons that her actions were amazing to me. More importantly and potentially less obvious is that Mommy was able to spend LOTS of time hanging with the kids because I didn't need to prepare dinner, etc. I didn't have to run in and out working on the laundry. And I didn't need to run upstairs to put sheets on the bed either. It was great. I had time to spend with them playing with letters, pretending to eat their new fake food and singing songs.
I can't begin to thank her for her efforts today because I know she must get REALLY tired of laundry. I hate even starting it before she arrives because I know she feels she needs to get it done, but it was just so great to come home realizing that I had the evening to be with my kids and I enjoyed extra hugs and smiles.
We also had a fun visit from Grandpa (AKA Poo Pa). He was able to spend lots of time playing with them since they had eaten early and needed some playtime before bedtime.
Good times at our house tonight! Thanks Nanny Barb!


Karen said...

No doubt...Nanny Barb is THE BEST!!! We all love her! Does E have her little bangs pulled back by a barrette??? Cute pics sis.

Candi said...

Nannies are such a benefit to any family. My nanny not only helps me with childcare, but does the little extras; light housekeeping, laundry, errands, etc. so I can have more time with the kids when I get home from work. Great job Barb!!