Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sandboxes and Sunshine

We managed to make it to TWO parks today with the help of Erica.  Auntie Karen met us at the first park and we got in lots of time in the sandbox.  Kendall was most content in the swing and wasn't particularly pleased when it was time to leave.  Have I mentioned that photographing a child swinging is a little challenging?  I need to work on that one a little more.
Anyway, Daddy and I also bought some play sand this afternoon and we set up a sand table at the house.  We spent the afternoon/early evening in the yard playing with the sand and toys and then got in some basketball practice (no pics though) as well.  Daddy even took a few pictures with me and the kids, so I'm making an appearance (though I do not like to be in pictures, I will regret that I have none with my kids someday).  Teddy was hanging around the sand table and managed to make it in a photo with all three kids, which is rare too.
The kids appeared to be WORN OUT by bedtime, so we think they will sleep well dreaming of sandboxes and sunshine.

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