Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sun, Sandbox and Smiles

We had more wonderful weather here so the kids were outside as much as possible. We went to the park and met Auntie Chris and her hubby, Gary, there so she could get a Clark-fix. We were SO glad that they were able to meet us because it gave Mommy a chance to get some pics while everyone played in the sandbox.
Then we had lots of fun outside in the yard this afternoon. They like finding sticks, leaves, rocks and digging in the flowerbed (which isn't a problem since we barely have any mulch left right now). Basically, they just love being outside and getting some fresh air and it's good for Mommy and Daddy too.
We were able to meet Grandpa (Poo Pa), Uncle Albert and Uncle Stevie for dinner at Cracker Barrel and the kids did great (and apparently we didn't feed them all day because they were bottomless pits). I'm not sure how much Grandpa got to eat because it looked like Kendall was stealing most of it from him.
We're hoping for more nice weather tomorrow so they can get outside again. We have SPRING FEVER in the Louis house.

Photo Notes: Mommy enjoyed getting some practice with the camera and it looks like she needs to keep working on the white balance and exposure so that things are not quite so bright, but I still post them if I think they are good shots of the kids. Hope everyone understands I'm still learning the camera and all of the ways to get a better picture.

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