Friday, March 5, 2010


The sitter wanted to get the kiddos outside yesterday just before I left for my photography class (which, obviously I should continue attending) but I had to get some shots. I decided to pick 5 that included each one of my precious munchkins to share. Daddy and I both thought that Kendall's expression in the picture of Clark where she is just behind him is SOOOO Kendall-riffic! Clark and Emma both wanted to fit in the doll-size stroller and it looks like Emma managed to squeeze in there.
The other pictures were taken tonight when we were goofing off just before bedtime. Kendall wanted her tutu (which goes perfectly with the Cookie Monster slippers) and was running back-and-forth putting out all of the pretend food items on the couch. I asked if she was making dinner and her response was something like "gabba-glub-goo-dinner-mommy." It was cute. Clark found a pair of slippers and wanted to try them on for size and Emma got all dolled-up in her Easter purple hat again. Sort of a "dress up" playtime tonight. And I'm sort of thinking that Uncle Stevie's cool birthday playhouse might not make it to Memorial Day at this rate because they like to climb in and out of the windows. Poor little playhouse wasn't built for the abuse that three toddlers can inflict upon it.
Hopefully the kiddos are worn out and will sleep well. If the weather is as good as they are predicting, we will be outside wearing them out again tomorrow. :)

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john cave osborne said...

i think you're being too hard on yourself. those pictures are beautiful. and so are your kids.

don't you wish that everyone could experience triplets/multiples? to feel that much love for different babies at the exact same time--it's miraculous. and that's what you capture with those stills.

great work!