Sunday, March 14, 2010

Potty-time in Tennessee!

Ok. It's not really potty-time, exactly.  They seem to be curious about the potty and mention it a lot, but when you try to sit them on one, they are less than thrilled.  Today, Daddy thought we should try bringing out some of the extra potties that we have on hand (thanks to Aunt Lolly and her IKEA shopping) and play the Elmo Potty DVD.  So, that is why you see a few shots of (full-clothed) children sitting on the potty.  They are practicing (warming-up so-to-speak) for the day when they will honor us with a trip to the potty that will result in....well, you get the picture.
Happy Clean-Sheet-Sunday!  We are excited that the whole family gets to sleep on crisp clean sheets tonight.  I love Clean-Sheet-Sunday!  Aaahhhh.  Can't wait to get there!

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