Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Manic Monday

The kids and I met Aunt Marsha, Uncle Bill and the boys at The Cove (a park near us).  We had a picnic (and Emma loved saying the word "picnic"...and I really like hearing her say it too) in the shade  right by the water.  Boats (the rowing kind) and ducks provided a lot of entertainment for these three curious  minds as did their cousins. Kendall really got a kick out of playing football with David. 
NOTE: I was having trouble getting the settings worked out on my camera and didn't get a lot of good shots, in terms of quality photos, but still loved the subject matter. :)  It's really challenging to see the display when it's sunny/shady outside.  And I'm also a little distracted trying to keep tabs on three toddlers.  For those of you who are just slightly interested in photography, but don't know what the term "noise" means, the darker ones that are incredibly grainy would be perfect examples of how "noise" appears in a picture.
Just before we left, we grabbed some ice cream and ate on the bench.  It was a MESSY treat, but totally worth it!

Driving home with them was one of the worst experiences of my life.  Daddy had managed to show up just before ice cream, so he was in a separate car.  He was going to meet us at home and we would get them down for naps (we were definitely running behind).  He loaded some things into the van and walked away and they all went off of the deep end and continued doing so until we got home.  Actually, it still went on until Daddy actually pulled into the driveway.  Talk about feeling like a regular piece of chopped liver!  Seriously, I almost pulled over and called him to meet me and drive the rest of the way home because they were obviously not satisfied with the level of service I, the taxi driver, was providing at the time. 
Once we tried to get them corralled upstairs for naps, the meltdown cranked back into high gear and we were finally able to manage to get them down, although it was about 90 minutes past their regular naptime.  Oh how I wanted to just go dive head first into a big pomegranate martini, but laundry, dishes and blogging were calling my name.  I'm just hoping and praying that they wake up refreshed and excited about the rest of the day. 
Happy Labor Day!


Karen said...

Beautiful pictures Kim. Looks like the kiddies had an awesome time with their cousins. Triple hugs!

pomegranate martini said...

I always thought I have my hand full with a 3-year old little girl and 5-year old twin boys...I guess I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks so, lol! Hubby will be gracious enough to make a pomegranate martini for me on a really hard day (which averages 5 times a week,lol!) and let me have a 20 minutes quiet time. He's so sweet. I think I'll be drinking only his pomegranate martini for the rest of my life, :)