Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Goin' to the zoooooo!" - Emma

We made another Sunday morning trek to the zoo today.  The weather was beautiful and it turns out that we beat most of the crowd because we got a great parking spot and there were very few people there.  In order to provide a little change, we took a detour through the Kid's Cove.  We've avoided that lately because of the water play area where the kids can climb in the creek and get wet.  It's super-cool, but a big hassle for a short 90-minute (or two hour) trip.  Today they were cleaning it and we also realized that you can hit the petting area (oooohhhh, goats!) and milk the fake cow and the kids can't even SEE the creek area.  Of course, they wanted to go "round-and-round" (the carousel).  It seems that this was a bigger hit with them this trip than before and even Clark cracked a few smiles.

(Just for the record, yes, Emma is wearing her sunglasses upside down in many of the shots.)
We saw an elephant getting a bath.  That was really pretty cool because it would move it's ears back-and-forth so the zookeeper could wash behind his/her ears.  And then it just got up.  Faster than one would think a large pachyderm could move and it was pretty amazing.  It seemed, once again, that the elephant was just moving so that it could get a little bit cleaner.

 We were excited to learn that the zoo now offers sweet potato fries!  Yummy!  After a lunch break, the kids had fun "driving" the safari truck. and observing the giraffes.  Kendall even posed near a big lion statue.

 The kids also got a big kick out of the covered area where you can push various buttons and listen to the different sounds that chimpanzees, gorillas, etc make.  It was a moment that caused some serious laughs!
 We made one more pass by the zebras before heading home.  The kids seemed to be much more interested in the zebras today.  Not sure if it had anything to do with the one that had to go pee-pee at one point, which was interesting, to say the least.  Or maybe they just enjoyed the shade offered in that particular viewing area?

Once again, we are so thankful that Uncle Stevie was willing to go along with us because it really makes things a lot easier when you can assign a child to an adult.  Things can get crazy at times with each child having a different tolerance/interest level for different exhibits.  We, as the adults, are enjoying the frequent zoo trips because it gives us some much-needed exercise and a blast of Vitamin D.  And I think it is safe to say that the kids are having a lot of fun too!
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!  Those are going to feel GREAT tonight!

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