Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keeping them BUSY!!!

I called another triplet mommy this morning to see about doing a playdate.  She invited us to her house and my kids LOVED it.  They always enjoy a chance to get out and see new things and the other house is even cooler because this mommy has removed the gates and other barriers that I still can't give up.  The kids are able to go inside and outside and mine were in heaven!
Her kiddos will be two in October so they are a little younger and my kids always point and call them "baby", which cracks me up.  Today it was fun to see my little ones learning their friends' names.   And I loved seeing the smiles on her kids as they all played together.  We are hoping to make this a more regular occurrence, so we'll see if the mommies can keep it up. : )
Later we spent a lot of time outside in the garage/driveway (and did notice that there wasn't too much bat poop, but I'm sort of afraid to mention that for fear that I will jinx it).  Poo Pa rode along with us so that I could run in and get dog food (without having to unload the kids) and then Uncle Stevie went with us so that I could get my photos in a contest at the fair.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the right size mat, so I'm not sure if I will bother to adjust and get them submitted by tomorrow or just wait until next year.
I think that I managed to keep them busy and occupied all day today as they napped well and went down for bedtime somewhat willingly.  That is the goal of many moms.....to wear out the kids each day so that they sleep soundly and peacefully at night!  I feel like I can sleep well too knowing that we had a good day.

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