Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Evening in the Backyard and a Chance to Show We Love Our Dog, Teddy!

The kids and I were in the backyard and I took some pretty nice shots of them playing with our dog.  They are really learning how to interact and play with Teddy without aggravating him.  We have worked really hard to teach them how to pet him gently, never pull his tail or his ears and try not to surprise him.  It's sweet to see them get such a kick out of watching Teddy run to get a toy that they have thrown or grab a stick.  They find it hysterical when he is holding his toy in his mouth and it squeaks. 

It was one of those evenings where I was here alone with the kids for a while and they were (sort of) cooperating.  Well, until the grass-clippings-war.  I don't like for them to get into the pile of yard trash but it is just too tempting, especially for Clark.  Tonight was no exception and it turned out that that event provided some really fun shots.

And Poo Pa showed up and brought raisin biscuits and some flowers from his house.  He has some incredibly beautiful plants, including hibiscus, and shared two amazing hibiscus blooms.  The kids enjoyed all of his special treats.

All in all, I had a great time photographing them this evening and am feeling pretty pleased with the results, despite the dirty clothes and messy faces.  I hope to remember this evening and all of the fun that we had with Teddy, the grass clippings and Poo Pa's biscuits and blooms.

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