Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Sunny Sunday in the Louis Life

We made a trip to the zoo this morning because we just HAD to get outside and enjoy the beautiful East Tennessee weather.  The kids had a lot of fun and they did so well that we will definitely get back again soon.  Uncle Stevie met us there and that is always more exciting than just Mommy and Daddy.  He and Daddy are great at giving the kids rides "up high" on their shoulders.  I have discovered that the way to keep Clark entertained is to bring a single stroller and let him push it around.  Even the girls got in on the stroller-pushing fun at one point during our visit.
Aunt Marsha, Uncle Bill and cousins, David and Marshall, came to town this afternoon and we met up for dinner at Poo Pa's house.  They all got to play in the backyard and I tried really hard to get some cute shots, but didn't quite have the lighting/shutter speed right, so I had very few to choose from for posting on the blog. :(
We are hoping for more great weather tomorrow and I know the kids will have a blast playing with the cousins. 
We also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to cousin, Tommy! 

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