Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Better Day

OK, it's true that I went to work today, so I wasn't at home with the kids for the entire day, but rumor has it that they had a much better day.  Is it because I wasn't here?  Who knows.  But I'm glad that it went better.

We had a fun time going to dinner at Cracker Barrel with Poo Pa, Uncle Stevie and Uncle Albert.  Poo Pa has surgery scheduled on Friday, so we are trying to fit in some extra time with him (and the kids) as it might be a little while before he can get in and good off with them.

Afterwards, we realized that they needed to burn off some energy, so we played in the front yard again.  They really love exploring and finding new things.  Plus it's super cool to try to ride the bikes through the grass and it's even more fun to get Teddy to run around with them!

I was hoping to have some really great ones of Kendall and her big smile, but I had the shutter speed to slow and they are all blurry.  A novice mistake, but I'm disappointed because she had such a wonderful smile going on for about 30 seconds.  I did remember this evening that Auntie Karen sent me some pictures from yesterday when they had a "special" outing together, so that will give me a few more to add of Kendall.

The other two were just minding their own business and staying interested in anything that would catch their attention.  Flowers, dirt, rocks, riding toys, etc.  Nothing ever stays interesting for very long, but that is to be expected at this age.

Here are the pictures from Kendall's outing with Auntie Karen on Tuesday:

It looks like she really had fun at the pet store and a book store.  She loves to find chairs that are just her size.  And she is always fascinated by the presence of other children. 
I'm ready to call it a day, so I'll be back for another round tomorrow. 
See you later, alligator. (This is one of their new favorite phrases.)

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