Sunday, September 26, 2010

Plan B

Initially, our plan was to take the kids to the zoo for some outdoor time and a chance to get some exercise.  Unfortunately it was raining when we woke up, so we had to move to Plan B.  What was Plan B?  We had no idea, but quickly started trying to come up with one.  Breakfast somewhere other than the house was first on the list.  IHOP would have been great but it was packed with all sorts of people thinking the same pancake thoughts that we were thinking.  Not far down the road is a McDonald's and the kids were excited.  We all dined on eggs, pancakes, hash browns and enjoyed Uncle Stevie's company. 
Afterwards, we took a trip to Earth Fare for organic fruits and veggies and grabbed some yummy cookies.  Daddy and Clark had a blast playing with the hand sanitizer dispenser.  Everytime it would squirt out sanitizer, he (Clark, OK, Daddy too, but mostly Clark) would scream and giggle.  He even had fun when the girls got their sanitizer doses.
Since it was still a little wet outside, we played on bikes and toys in the garage where we could get indoors quickly if needed.  They also had some fun with watercolor paints again today, although it seems they would have preferred finger paints. 
We were lucky that our sitter, A, was able to come over this afternoon so that we could take some time together to pick out the "ingredients" for our bathroom remodel.  Since we had the plumbing issues, it might stall out the remodel work, but it's still high on the priority list because we only have one usable shower in the house right now.  I think we have finally picked the tile that we like and just need to work on the details of tile work, flooring, etc.  It's sort of exciting and sort of overwhelming trying to make those sorts of decisions since we are NOT designers by any stretch of the imagination!  We also took time for a quick bite of dinner.  It's been a little more challenging lately to find time for just the two of us, so we are very thankful to A for helping us out this evening!
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!  It's time for me to get upstairs and put the clean sheets on the bed so I can collapse into them.

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