Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Hands Learning

The kids received a box of puzzles that are three- and four-letter word picture/puzzles.  I pulled out all of the three-letter word puzzles and gave the kids a few yesterday and today.  This evening, they all sat down at different times and then together to try to put them together.  Do I think they know how to spell dog, cat, car, fox and pie?  No.  But I saw them struggling to put puzzle pieces together and then celebrating when they were successful.  We even spelled a few words together and Emma repeated "c-a-r" a number of times.  According to the package instructions, this particular activity is meant for ages four and up, but I just thought I'd expose them to it and see what happens.  I'm really hoping that this gets them interested in puzzles, but it also means I need to go get them new ones. 
And I just had to post these two because they made me laugh.  Kendall was telling me something like "No, Mommy."  And Clark was pleased to find my cell phone hiding in the couch cushions and thought he'd try making a call. 
My sheets are calling my name, so that's all for today. 

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