Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feeling Like Fall

Emma is tucking a shell into the top of her pants.  She sees me do this with my phone and does the same when there is no pocket to stuff.  Notice Kendall in her butterfly get-up with a monster slipper and a Cars slipper.  What a Fashionista!  
Ok, so it is not "officially" fall yet, but I'm just feeling like it should be, so I thought I'd get out the fall decorations and see if I can go ahead and put some out.  I don't go all out for Halloween, but have a few things that I like and a number of things that I got from Nana, so I wanted to have a chance to enjoy it this year.  I was so proud of myself because I took the opportunity (while they were napping and Daddy was at work) to dust and straighten up in the living room.  Shockingly, I noticed dust when I took the picture of the BOO candle holders and I was a little frustrated.  It was just SO dusty that I think I just shook it all around and it settled back onto the furniture as I moved on to the next area.  Arrrrgggghhh!!!
The kids had some fun with a butterfly costume from last year and they each had to take a turn wearing it (yes, Clark too, but no pictures).  We had a wonderful breakfast with Poo Pa, Uncle Stevie and Uncle Albert this morning at Cracker Barrel.  Yummy!
Clark and Kendall are suffering with runny/stuffy noses right now, so we are hopeful that they will be feeling better tomorrow.  I'm also hoping that it's just allergies and that Emma won't wake up with the runny nose tomorrow. :)  Yuck. 

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Deb and Dave said...

The butterfly wings caught my eye - That is what Zoe wants for halloween so I've been looking for them.

Love the fall decor! Makes me want to get mine out too!