Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If there is water, the toddlers will find it...

The kids now wake up saying "bye-bye?" every morning in expectation of a great adventure.  Do I blame Nanny Barb for this?  Or do I blame us for trying to take them somewhere for the last few days so that they don't really notice her absence? 
Tonight I thought I'd get them out to the park since we had already finished eating dinner by 5:30p.  They were certainly ready to break free from the house after being stuck indoors for the day due to rain (and we had a sitter so that I could go to work).  They were more than excited when I delivered shoes to the playroom and explained that we were indeed going to go "bye-bye".  When Daddy happened to pull up in the driveway just before we headed out, it escalated the thrill to an all new level never before seen. 
We went back to the elementary school that actually has two playground areas and a walking trail alongside.  There happened to be a lonely basketball and Daddy shot some hoops with the kids while I tried to get pictures. 

And, as evidenced in the pictures, there was a puddle.  Nothing too large or deep, but it could certainly be slightly messy.  Once we knew that the kids had spotted it, we agreed to let them explore as long as they didn't put their hands in the gross water (yeah, right).  They could jump in it, walk through it and stare at it as much as necessary before they would decide to move on to something more exciting, but I just didn't want their hands in it because, well, their hands ALWAYS end up in their mouths.  Yuck. 

All in all, it was lots of fun and we were all happy to have the evening with Daddy here for some playtime, bathtime and bedtime.  Sweet dreams to my little toddlers. 

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