Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gourmet Kids

Kendall and Ems trying to decide what will be on the menu this evening.
Come and get it!
Clark adding some "seasoning" to the salad (AKA dirt, more leaves and grass clippings).
Kendall's special was a nice earthy, crunchy salad (dead leaves).
Right away, Chef!  Be right back!
The kids and I had some fun in the backyard this evening.  It's been incredibly warm for the last few days, but we have enough available shade to make it almost tolerable.  Now, if we could just eliminate ALL mosquitoes! 
Anyway, Kendall seemed to be calling to her siblings that it was about time to eat.  She and Emma decided that a nice salad would be best.  It looked delish!  Ok, not so much, but it was sweet to watch them pretend.
Clark even ran in with his own special seasonings (grass clippings, more dead leaves and dirt).  Later his special seasonings landed as a big mess in Kendall's hair.  I had to make an emergency detour to the tub to start scrubbing the dirt and crud out of her hair.  Ugh!  But they were definitely having fun, so I was trying not to spoil it.
That's all for now.  We are pooped and I can barely keep my eyes open.

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