Friday, September 24, 2010

More Good Times

The kids and I had more fun in the backyard.  We had beautiful weather this evening and that is really the perfect time for me to take pictures.  As usual, the kids had so much fun with Teddy, especially Kendall because she has a stick pile with his name on it.  She really has a blast trying to get him to chase after his squeaky toy or a stick or a ball. 
They also got into the sand table which is just about empty, but there was just enough sand to keep them occupied.  I had to explain that we don't throw sand on the dog and then they hugged Teddy and told him that they were sorry.  It was sweet to see them be so apologetic with their puppy. 
And the last picture was taken during this evening's snack time.  They stunned us again with their sweetness as they shared crackers with each other.
I also want to mention that the girls are wearing their mumus that Poo Pa got for them in Hawaii earlier this year and I love to see Clark in his Hawaiian print shirt.

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Deb and Dave said...

Sweet pictures! And I love those outfits.