Monday, April 5, 2010

Boo boo Central

Everyday, we don't wonder if anyone will get injured, but how many times and whether there will be blood involved.  I have been very pleased that we haven't had any serious injuries (knock-on-wood here, please) to date.  Lately, I just pray that we don't get a visit by some protective services agency because of the number of bruises on the kids.  I don't want to make light of those sorts of agencies, because they serve a very important role, but I just hope that they know what kind of calamities two year olds can get into on a regular basis. 
Kendall has bruises on her legs almost constantly.  Actually, they all do.  They run into everything, including each other.  She had a run-in with Teddy the other afternoon and ended up with the boo boo under her eye.  She has scuffs on her knees because of trips on the driveway and sidewalk. 
Emma has a pretty rough boo boo on her elbow and we've determined that she seems to use this particular elbow to break every fall.  She has re-injured that spot everyday for the last four days.  We tried out the cute Hello Kitty band-aids just to try to protect it a little more.  Additionally, Kendall has decided to use her as a chew toy and keeps biting poor little Ems.  Obviously, we will be working to halt that little behavior immediately.
Clark also has skinned knees and scratches and bruises from miscellaneous run-ins with the slide, the bikes, the chair, the driveway (no pictures to share because he was wearing long pants).  He too has suffered numerous bites from his precious sister and has since resorted to inflicting similar injuries on her.  Ugh.  The biting phase is just painful and frustrating.
Yes, it seems that they are active and somewhat klutzy too.  Most of these boo boos are directly proportionate to the amount of time spent outdoors during the last week. 
More time outside = More boo boos. 
At least the band-aids with cute pictures (like Hello Kitty, Spider Man and Scooby Doo) are more of a novelty these days and seem to help calm the hurt (along with kisses from Mommy, Daddy or sitter).  I feel like I'm getting a little better at standing by and trying to protect them, but still allowing them to run around and potentially get a little boo boo here and there.  It's a learning experience for all of us, but I hope that they continue to stay happy and healthy and have fewer and fewer boo boos as they learn to maneuver around this crazy world. 
The picture below with Clark and Kendall was ALMOST a BIG injury as she contemplated clobbering him over the head with the alphabet toy when he tried to steal it from her.  Fortunately, I caught it on camera just before screaming at her that she would be in serious trouble if she hit him gently explaining that we don't hit brother despite the fact that he might steal toys from her at times.

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