Friday, April 16, 2010

Umbrella in the Sunshine

Today was another sunshine-filled day.  Mommy hit a couple of garage sales this morning and found a cute Bob the Builder umbrella for the kids.  Kendall was so excited about it that we took it outside this evening for some playtime.  Auntie Karen came over to help out before baths so we were thinking bike-riding on the back porch would be a good diversion between dinner and bath time.  I also had some shells (collected from various beach trips when I was growing up) that I thought I'd share with the kids. 
The umbrella turned out to be a big hit.  Too big of a hit, actually. 
One umbrella + 3 toddlers = Big meltdown
I thought we could work it out, but it did not go well.  The flattering picture of Kendall was taken when she didn't want to share the umbrella with her sister.  I really do need to find one of those kitchen timers and start teaching them about taking turns!  I looked for one at the sales this morning but didn't have any luck.  I might have to break down and visit Bed Bath and Beyond to get a new one. 
On top of that, the umbrella broke within 5 minutes of its introduction to the kids.  I don't know it it is repairable, but I'm thinking that I'll be shopping for THREE toddler umbrellas next time! 
On to the other pictures: Kendall was quite FABULOUS in her Auntie Karen's sunglasses and Ems looks all girlie-girl-tomboy in her Easter dress riding her big wheel.  And then we have our little beach boy, Clark, in his Hawaiian print shirt enjoying the new shells.   I think you might also see the beginning of one tug-of-war battle for the umbrella between brother and sissy as well. 
Sister-sister-brother-ly love.  Ain't it sweet????

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