Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Matterhorn: The Early Days

Daddy has started working on the new play/swing set and made some significant progress today.  It's exciting to see a part of the structure actually standing in the backyard this evening.  He and Grandpa worked for a few hours late this afternoon and got the platform up which meant that Mommy and Daddy had to make the decision as to exactly WHERE this will be located in the yard.  Our plan is to make a section of the yard to be used exclusively by Teddy (and NOT the kids) so that they won't have any run ins with "dog-bombs".  We decided on a location in the yard that has great grass and will soon no longer be accessible to Teddy.  Poor Teddy.  But the kids still have issues understanding what can and cannot go in their mouths and I just don't want them running around in doggie-doo-doo land.  I'm sure Teddy will be thrilled to remain in the section of the yard that is right next to the barking dogs next door, so he still has lots to keep him entertained.
I was really looking forward to some of the pictures today, but they were a little blurrier than I had hoped.  I decided to share them anyway.  Kendall thinking about the golf ball in her hand and Clark also had some time goofing off with golf balls that I brought home from Nana's house this week.  Emma was playing with Clark and the four-wheeler and I was just thrilled that he didn't run her over.  She was in a pretty precarious position.

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