Friday, April 2, 2010

Training for the Big Hunt!

We had a training session for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt.  Our sitter mentioned that her son didn't know what to do the first time he was supposed to hunt for Easter Eggs, so she recommended that we practice.  I thought that "training" for the big day sounded much more appropriate.  After our practice run today I can confidently say that we will be lucky if we walk away with two eggs in a basket.  They get too distracted and there were no other children there that would throw them off track.  Once they get in a group full of kids, I expect that they will either be so interested in checking out the other children or be petrified of the larger group since that's an unusual setting for them that they will completely forget the task at hand. 
I'm just hoping for an event that will wear them out and give them a chance to interact with other children.  There will also be a opportunity to learn about the true meaning of Easter while we are there and they can try out some Spring craft projects as well. 
We are also getting some time on the tricycles.  They don't quite understand the pedaling part, but they do LOVE the bell!  It's pretty funny that they just want to sit on the bike and ring the bell.  In fact, they will fight and push each other to get to that bell.  We have two tricycles and they always seem to want to be on the same one at the same time.  Similarly, they always want to get into the Cozy Coupe at the SAME time.  Clark will shove Emma out of the way and push her right out of the door or window.  It's not a pretty sight and Mommy usually has to step in and make them take turns.  I think I'm going to try out what another triplet-mommy does and get a kitchen timer that we will use to teach them about sharing and taking turns for a specified time.  I'm hopeful that it will help alleviate some of the fighting, though I'm sure we will see more over the years. :)
We had some cheese and peanut butter crackers for a snack and Kendall was excited to take it to her favorite spot outside on the bench.   We have a piano bench that we've been using to hold the SuperYard secure against the garage and Kendall seems to enjoy spending her time there.  She gets a comfy seat where she can play with bubbles, eat a snack, get a drink or just hang out and enjoy the breeze blowing in her hair.  It's cute to see her get settled in on the bench almost right away when we go outside.  She will run around too, but she always seems to enjoy taking a rest on the bench.
I didn't get too many pictures today, so there aren't a lot of options and I'm not on the computer when I can edit them, so bear with me today.
I hope we will get some fun pictures with the kids tomorrow and even have visions of a new picture of the three of them together.  Keep your fingers crossed that they cooperate with me!

Mommy is missing Nana quite a bit right now and I know she would be bringing them all sorts of little goofy Easter things that she picked up around town or as prizes from playing Bingo.  We have kitchen towels, potholders and baskets that she gave them during their first two Easters, so I have had them out to keep her nearby. 
Enjoy time with family during this special Easter holiday weekend.

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Karen said...

It's certainly not the same but I'm trying to keep up the goofy Easter goodies...3 singing chicks from Hallmark, an Easter dish towel, Easter plates, Easter hats, cheesy pink and glitter's exhausting. She left very big shows to fill didn't she? Missing her a lot too. Can't wait to see the dumplins tomorrow.