Thursday, April 8, 2010


I asked for cheesy smiles from the kids and I got a very quick response from Emma..."Noooo!"  Right after that, I snapped these pictures and thought she looked pretty cute despite being uncooperative.
I couldn't even get Kendall to crack a smile and Clark was totally uninterested in the pressure to post something cute, pleasant and meaningful every flippin' day the commitment I've made to post to the blog daily.  He doesn't care that I take this very seriously.  So tonight it's just Emma.
She is sweet and funny and still says "Hiiiii" whenever she does something "wrong" and is being told that said action is not acceptable.  She loves singing and will do that whether she has an audience or not.  Ems loves her stuffed animals, Doo Doll and her felt playsets.  She is a slide-girl more than a swing-girl.  And outdoors is definitely her preferred venue these days.
Ems is a bundle of silly-frilly-girl.  Gotta love her!

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