Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Diapers and Duct Tape

Yup.  We have had to resort to duct taping Clark's diapers if he isn't wearing a onesie.  He has decided that it is more fun to run around naked.  I'm not sure if it's clothes that are inconvenient and in the way, or that the diapers are uncomfortable.  We have considered potty training, but he doesn't necessarily seem interested in that either.  I just think it's a phase, but he is pretty sneaky.  I think the sitter is more apt to duct tape the diapers because last week she caught him peeing in the playroom.  Nice!
Tonight he was out of his shorts (if you check out a picture of Kendall in her tutu, look behind her at Clark getting rid of his shorts).  Later he was trying to get the diaper off too, but that darn duct tape got in his way. Woo hoo that it worked!  While I was trying to get pictures of the girls, I heard Kendall yelling "Pants!" and trying to help him get dressed again. 
I got a kick out of the picture of Emma wearing her tutu and one slipper while trying to roll around in the baby doll stroller.  She is a trip!  She is little, but still a little too big for that stroller, though I can't convince her.
And I really love it when Kendall is sprawled out coloring, writing or playing with a certain toy.  Sometimes she kicks her feet up in the air and she seems so grown-up for just a fleeting moment.  Tonight when I caught her in that pose wearing her tutu, I just had to get a shot.

Mommy and Daddy are pooped and ready to pass out, so nightie-night all.

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Oh, Snapp! said...

I hope one of these days, when Clark gets his first girlfriend, that you conveniently show the duct tape diaper pictures to her! How funny!

These pictures are too cute - I love the tutu! :)