Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clark the Shark

I wanted to post a little something about Clark's language development.  He's making such amazing progress!  We love his speech therapist and his teacher.  We tend to avoid telling people too much about his therapies because it can be misunderstood.  At this point, we have no reason to be specifically concerned.  He has language delays and they are working to get him caught-up.  He's very social and engaged with anyone who wants to spend time with him.  Sometimes I think he chooses not to do certain things just so that someone will do those things for him.  He loves to climb stairs and all over furniture, sing songs, play in the sand, drive trucks and draw.  He's learned his numbers from 1-10 (just like his sisters) and he is singing along to quite a bit of the Alphabet Song as well.  Woo hoo!
Tonight he said his name.  Honestly, I don't know that he has said his name before to anyone else, but I've never heard it.  I was in the process of putting him to bed and singing a goodnight song and he said his name.  I stopped and kissed him lots before putting him down.  This evening, while putting away some blocks, I told the kids that they were "all gone" and he repeated that very clearly.  Daddy said earlier he also said "sorry" so we are thrilled that he is doing so well.  It always seems like he comes up with things about 6-8 weeks after the girls and that's OK with me. 
We are so proud of our Clark.  He is so sweet and cute (except when he bites, hits or steals toys from his sisters) and cuddly.  I love snuggle-time with Clark in the evening especially.  He is also the one who tends to run and hide when the sleep sacks come out (indicating that it's time for bed).  He will run to anyone else who might be around in an effort to escape the evil person trying to put him to bed at the time. 
That's it for tonight.  Just a little post about my buddy, Clark. 

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The Deakins said...

I love that you're putting more detail about each of your bitties! Love reading your blog and your humor in dealing with day to day-ness-I'm trying to do the same but with just 2 and they are 4 years apart!
Anyways, just wanted to say I especially love reading the past two post about Clark and Emma and what they 'love' or 'not'! Now onto Kendall!!! haha