Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sleepin' Like a Baby

Tonight was all about keeping everyone busy.  Mommy is working to understand why we have had some sleep issues with Clark and Emma, so I'm trying to adjust their evening routine.  Daddy has been working late and I tried running them hard and then settling down to books and some quiet songs.  I actually had Clark bringing me books and sitting in my lap while I read with him.  It was awesome!
It was so nice to get to spend some quality Mommy-kid time tonight.  It's hard not to get wrapped-up in all that there is to do between dinner, baths, bedtime, dishes, laundry, toys in the playroom, etc.  But tonight I managed to get things done (including dinner for Troy and I) and still spent a lot of time playing with my dumplins. 
We ran around the playroom chasing each other and screamed and laughed.  I got hugs and a few sloppy kisses (Clark is THE sloppiest kisser ever) and had fun singing songs (even though I barely have a voice due to the presence of pollen...yuck).  It was wonderful and almost completely stress-free.  No meltdowns (until Clark didn't want to go to sleep).   No temper tantrums that I can recall.  I say that because I usually get to this time of night and try to avoid telling my readers that my children are possessed by demons sharing all of the drama of the evening.  I like to try to replay the good times and share the things that I want the kids to read about later.  It's fun to share the rough moments that can be retold in a humorous way, but not the REALLY bad days.   Often I just post pictures if I can't figure out how to tell a story without sounding like I plan to run away.
Today was NOT a bad day.  It was a good day.  It was a great evening.  Dare I say that I felt like I did things RIGHT tonight?????  It was a good-Mommy-night.  It wasn't even that the kids behaved (or not) but that I was able to manage it when they got upset and I could divert their attention to something else.  Aaahhh.  I feel like I could sleep like a baby tonight.  Let's just hope all three of them do too!

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Karen said...

I need a munchkin fix and some good hugs and slobbery kisses. :)