Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pinwheels and Puppies

It was our first attempt (since they were very small) to let them be entertained by pinwheels.  They were definitely trying to understand how you blow on them to make them spin.   When the wind picked up and got all three going, the kids were fascinated.

We also tried out some bubbles that are meant for kids to handle - non-toxic, "spill-proof", etc.  I can't say that "spill-proof" was accurate because they were definitely spilling bubbles.  Of course, Kendall and Emma had to test Mommy and put the bubble wand-thingy in their mouth despite my numerous conversations regarding "only food goes in your mouth."  I'm really hoping that the "non-toxic" claim is much more reliable than the one about not being able to spill it easily!  Ugh.  The bubbles did keep them happy for quite a while though, so we will keep working on drinking less and creating more bubbles.

Today was just one of those days where Kendall had more pictures taken of her than usual (and many more than those taken of her siblings).  She was just more of a willing participant than usual, so I took the opportunity to get some extras of her.  Note the time spent with her best bud, Teddy.  He was so sweet sniffing her and just letting her rub his belly.  She also loves to call him when he's not right with her.  Too sweet.  And though he's not really a puppy per se, he still LOOKS like a puppy, hence using "puppies" in the title.  Thought I might need to clarify that for anyone who knows us personally and knows that Teddy has been with us for a number of years.

Clark got another big boy haircut today while he and Daddy went to run an errand.  I don't worry too much about his hair because: 1.) He is a boy.  2.) He loves to bury his head under a pillow during nap time and all during the night, so it's somewhat pointless to take too much time on his hair.

That's all for tonight.  More tomorrow.

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