Sunday, April 11, 2010

Krazy for Ketchup!

The kids love ketchup.  "Chetchup" is what Emma calls it.  It is usually a dipping sauce, though it sometimes may look like they think of it as a side item.  Kendall seems to be the biggest fan of ketchup.  And someone recently pointed out that it's her turn in the spotlight, so let me give you the latest on our Special K.
Kendall is definitely the one who has more maternal instincts, so-to-speak.  Don't get me wrong, she does have a mean streak and she will use it.  But she is also the one who tends to get weepy when someone else is hurt or crying.  She tries to pat her sibling and say "You OK?" if they fall down or seem upset.  K also tends to be most interested in helping out.  She started the "clean up" assistance before the others (though I think E has become a little more of the helper these days and K sees that as an opportunity to move on to something else).  She really does have a sweet side and I love to see her share it with her siblings (though, selfishly, I do love it when she saves some for me). 
Kendall is a talker.  Much of it is still jibberish, but she is learning to communicate more each day.  She loves the rhyming songs.  I tend to sing when I get her up in the morning and she has started singing to her sissy when we go in the nursery before heading downstairs.  She also loves to be the one in charge of turning on the music in the morning (pushing play on the CD player). 
In addition to her interest in music is an interest in dancing.  She still enjoys it whenever we have music (of almost any type) playing in the background.  I was thrilled when she bopped along to ABBA one day in the car.  She seems to like our Iz CD also (he was a Hawaiian singer).  Of course, she enjoys the children's music the most, but that's more likely since it is so familiar to her.
Today we spent almost the entire day outdoors and she got a kick out of seeing her reflection in the windows in the back door.  The fact that Teddy was just inside the door and keeping an eye on her was also a source of entertainment.
Kendall and I love to sit and sing the Snuggle Bunny song (Mommy's rendition of the "Rubber Duckie" song sung by Ernie on Sesame Street) and she has been known to grab a blanket and crawl into my lap and then I've been able to sing with her.  It's so sweet to hear her sing it with me..."Snuggle Bunny, you're the one.  You make snuggling lots of fun.....boop-boop-boo-bee-doo"  I can just hear her sweet little voice.  It almost makes me want to sneak into her room for one last goodnight kiss, but I will avoid the temptation to do so since I'm completely worn out.  She is also a Daddy's Girl...BIG TIME.  Don't mess with her Daddy and let her find out about it!  Today she had a meltdown when heading out for a walk because Daddy was mowing.  She did NOT want him to be left out of the fun. 

Back on Sunday.  Don't forget your clean sheets tomorrow!

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