Saturday, April 17, 2010

Parlez-vous francais? Joyeux anniversaire, Nanny Barb!

Both of our primary sitters are hosting French students who are visiting our area for about 10 days (or more if the volcanic ash continues to hinder European flights).  Tonight they had a get-together at "Shisha's" parent's house and invited us to stop by with the kids.  Since we live about three blocks away, we decided to try it and see how the kids handled all of the people and potential chaos.  They did really well, but we decided to keep our visit short and sweet so that everyone could have fun visiting and celebrating Nanny Barb's TWENTY-NINTH (wink-wink) birthday!  Happy Happy Birthday Nanny Barb!!!!
I tried to get a lot of pictures, but it's hard to know how many will work out.  I wish we could have had more time visiting with the students because they seem very sweet.  Unfortunately we don't speak French at all, well unless "croissants, french fries and baguettes" count for anything, so conversation while tending to three toddlers was limited, at best.   :)

Initially, Emma stuck to Nanny Barb like glue since she was a little overwhelmed by the number of strangers in her midst.  She has sort of gotten back into the fear of new people phase again lately, so this was definitely a trip OUT of her comfort-zone.  She soon settled in (once there was music playing) and started dancing for the French girls and I think they got a kick out of her moves.  She's a charmer in any language.

Speaking of charming, a-hem,  Clark was quite a tech-head, seeking out the remotes, VCRs, DVD player and videos.  He wanted to get into anything and everything that we did NOT want him into.  He also headed for the stairs because he's decided that he is the resident expert of the stairway and should, therefore, try out each set that he locates.  I see a problem with restrooms in our future, don't you? 

Kendall spent a lot of time with Shisha's mom, Sue, outside.  She found a swing which was great fun, as was their big backyard when she was able to roam freely and pick up sticks.  It's heaven for her to roam "freely" outside. She also enjoyed entertaining everyone with her dance moves.  She is such a social butterfly that gatherings like this do not even make her blink.

Of course, any attempts to get pictures with all three of them TOGETHER were not entirely successful, but I will share a couple.  My flash was necessary, but kept getting in the way (as a reflection off of the fireplace doors/insert behind the kiddos).  If I knew Photoshop, I am sure that I could make it all go away, but that's not happening right now.  I think it's funny that Emma was completely engrossed in her play cell phone (I think it was a non-working phone????).  She walked around "talking" to someone for a while.
We hope that the French students enjoy the rest of their visit and are able to get home soon (or stay as long as they want, depending on their wishes).  I'm glad we got to meet them and hope that we didn't scare them off with our crazy crew.  

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Anonymous said...

Just make sure that the battery is out of the phone or it can still dial 911 and it will dial 911 even if you just hit lots of random numbers. -Cousin Megan(the 911 dispatcher who has had a few conversations with kids, lol)
P.s. If a cell phone does call 911 and they can "plot" the location on a computer map they are supposed to send police to check things out.