Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt??? Not Necessary.

I can't say that I didn't tell you so.  As I predicted, the kids didn't really participate in the Easter Egg Hunt quite as much as we had hoped.  It was suggested that parents not enter the area if the kids could do so on their own.  Obviously, they haven't met our crew.  And we have now learned that the hunt is not necessary.  Just get them out in public and they need very little entertaining by us when there is the outside world to keep their minds occupied. 
Kendall was the only one truly participating.  She developed a much more efficient method where she didn't need to collect eggs, only what was INSIDE of them.  Why try to lug around  a basket or bag and get a bunch of eggs where there were plenty already cracked open with the treasure inside exposed (peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, licorice, etc)?  She never even opened the candy wrappers because I doubt she even knows what they are at this point.
Emma was not AT ALL interested in wasting her time collecting childish plastic eggs.  No way.  She was trying to find flowers.  By the time we loaded them all in the car, Daddy noticed that her nostrils were yellow from sniffing all of the flowers (and pollen) she had collected.
Clark was also not interested.  Initially, I think he was shy and intimidated by the number of adults and children in the area, but later it seemed like he enjoyed getting in there.  I believe he was more enthralled with the palm fronds left behind.
All in all, we can say that we DID IT!  Whether or not we try again remains to be seen.  Oh, they LOVED the Easter Bunny.  Go figure since they were terrified of Santa Claus.
Happy Easter to all of you.

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Karen said...

Happy Easter to our favorite two year olds! Hugs, hugs, hugs! Love Uncle Tom & Auntie Karen