Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Birthday TOMORROW!

That's right folks, they will officially turn THREE tomorrow.  We've been prepping them for a week or so telling them that they are three and holding up the three fingers so that they will finally know their age.  It was too difficult to teach them that they were two and will be three, so we just went with three for now.

We have a big adventure planned for the day as a family.  Troy is off of work for the next two days and we are excited to have the time to spend with the kids on their special day.  He is also excited for some Troy-time on Tuesday when he will get to have lunch with his friend and just get some things done. 

The weather here was SO beautiful again today so we had the kids outside most of the day.  We rode bikes and scooters and played in the driveway and yard.  Poo Pa even came over to hang out with all of us outdoors.  They also helped me plant some tulip bulbs that I was told had to be planted this weekend.

Daddy took the girls to a birthday party for Joe at Pump It Up and they LOVED it.  Clark was napping at the time so I spent the quiet time Craigslist-ing things and cleaning up "doggie-doo-doo land" in the back yard.  Once they were home and Clark was up they got to play in the backyard (without the risk of landing in dog bombs) which was another treat since they haven't seen much of their playset for the last few months.

Poo Pa writing for the girls.

Kissy lips.

Daddy gave the girls a Samoa cookie.  These are Girl Scout cookies frozen from last year.  They are still oh so yummy!

I had to post this one because Kendall is posed perfectly behind him to make it appear that her ponytail is his.  Kind of funny.

Daddy emailed me this shot from his phone.  Clarkie playing the drums.

Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

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