Monday, January 3, 2011

Calling All Cuteness!

Ok, so Emma's hair is looking sort of messy and lacks style.  After we waited so long for the girls to even HAVE hair, I just can't bear to do more than just trim around her bangs every so often.  I just love how her hair is getting long, though it's pulling on the beautiful curls and getting a tad straighter.

Clark was really enjoying the book that he had in his lap.  It's funny that he seems to make a decision to just pull out a book and take a breather when you least expect it.  This one was a word book that has LOTS of pictures and words to identify the drawings.  He is getting SO good at recalling words and names for things!

And the shot of Kendall was taken as we were preparing for bedtime rituals (reading stories, singing songs, turning out the light).  She also has this one ritual (primarily with Daddy) where she makes "calls" to various people.  Tonight she chose to call Uncle Bill.  It is so funny how she responds to what he might be saying to her.  Then she hung it up and handed it back to me.  No more calls tonight.

I'm pooped and calling it a day. 

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