Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Jack Frost....

Dear Jack Frost,

As you can see, your efforts to ruin the spirits of all have been in vain.  The numerous snow incidences have not worked to convince the children in our area that winter is bad (though the parents may think otherwise).  Pretty soon, kids will look forward to the snow showers in winter as much as the beach trips in the summer.  Our school system is full of children who just might get stupid-er because they can't go to school because of the snow (OK, kidding....and who looks like a big dummy by trying to spell stupid-er???). 
No, Jack Frost, this attack you have initiated is not working and will not provide you with the job security that you seek in an economy such as it is.  I suggest that you look elsewhere (like up north where they are prepared with things like snow blowers, lined boots and gloves) for a dampened spirit.  Here in Knoxville, the kids are HAVING FUN!!!


"Auntie" Deb said...

Who got to pull this threesome?
Love the new opening picture!

Karen said...

That is AWESOME! So cute !